Zumba Toning Master Class May 1st 2016

May 3, 2016 | 0 Comments | Fitness, Photography

Sunday the first of May was gloomy and overcast in Denver, in fact, it was snowing!

Zumba was the perfect way to heat things up!


Master classes are filled with instructors and Zumba creative leaders, the amazing thing is these classes are open to the public! Students who want a challenge, enthusiasts who can’t get enough, and anyone who wants to have a good time burning a serious amount of calories are all welcome.

We get to have a little fun before getting our sweat on with some pre-class fitness portraits.


Amy Tunnel (Right) keeps you working it! She teaches Tues. & Sat. at the Denver Masonic Center, view her class information here.

Barbara Klontz (Left), Zumba Education Speciality, totally inspiring and talented! check out her information here.

Sarina Baumgardner (Pictured in first photo), Zumba Jammer, high energy and high spirited, find additional information on her page.

Sally Born kicked this master classes butt, and everyone in it, the gal can move!

Dan Flores is an incredibly talented and limber dancer, find out more about Dan here.


Left to right: Sally Born, Dan Flores, Amy Tunnel, Barbara Klontz, and Sarina Baumgardner.

Did you attend this class? View your photos here!


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